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Our Staff

Every years IC Padova counts more dozens of volunteers forming the crew, which means a big family who shares unforgettable experiences.

There aren't other crews more heterogeneous than the IC Padova’s one. Tens of folks, man and women, workers and students, italians and foreigners, formers erasmus and not only, each one with differents passions, different objectives and different dreams, everybody of them with thousants of different facets, but sharing the same objective and ideal: attempt to live the staff experience in the best way, support the IC Padova community and have fun.

The ideal that we lead make us closer each other day by day, under the point of view of troubles and e success. We consider us like a family and we are here for you.

About us


International Community Padova is a no profit association whose goal is to help Erasmus and international students in our city.

The project has started in 2018 as “White and Red Erasmus Padova” from the enthusiasm of a young erasmus couple, determined to cheer up and improve life in our city. They put all their efforts to make the erasmus experience last as much as possible.

The name “White and Red” was set referring to Padova's flag colors, as well as the city where their love story began, Bari.

As time passed, more and more Erasmus got close to our association, and dozens of students decided to join it, just to have fun and let other people to do the same.

During the years the White and Red grew up, taking an active part into Bari's everyday life, even through the organization of cultural, party and sport events destined to the members of our community.

Moreover, we provide several travels who Erasmus students may take part in, together with our staff and expecially together with other cities Erasmus students as well.

That's how International Community Padova was born, with the aim to enlarge our horizons and create a global community with other international students, together with other cities' IC Network associations.

IC Padova helps incoming student in the looking of the flat, provides help concerning our University world, which sometimes may look way more complicated than it actually is.

Eventually, IC Padova organizes tours to visit the city, as part of the trip to discover our world.

IC Padoca is a family, we share joys and sorrows, loves and friendships.

IC Padova is your Erasmus. Don't be scared, enjoy it. It's something you'll never forget.